Class 6 visited the Toby Carvery

Class 6 visited the Toby Carvery in Shenley Church End to learn about fruits and vegetables as part of their food and farming topic. They played games, tasted food with a blindfold on and played ‘pass the pea’ with straws.

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Class 7 went to Warwick Castle

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Class 6 visited Buckingham Garden Centre

Class 6 went to Buckingham Garden Centre as part of their ‘Growth and Plants’ topic. They learnt all about sensory plants and smelt, touched, tasted, heard and looked at lots of different varieties.

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Class 6 Visit MK Museum

In March, Class 6 visited Milton Keynes Museum to look at sound and communication in the past. They looked at how the telephone has changed over the years and used the dials on the phones to make calls to their friends.

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