Class 6 visited Cecil Higgins

Class 6 went to the Cecil Higgins Museum in Bedford to consolidate their learning about colour and light. They mixed colours and painted on silk and then looked at light sources from the past. They all had a lot of fun and enjoyed learning more about the topic.

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Class 11 visited MK museum

On Tuesday 14th October the children in class 11 visited Milton Keynes museum to learn about life in Victorian times in our area. We were shown around the farmers house and the farm workers cottages so we could contrast the different life styles.

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Class 10 visited Hampton Court

On Tuesday 7th October the children in class 10 visited Hampton Court. We had a fantastic day where we saw Henry VIII going about his day to day business and we took part in a drama workshop based on his 6 wives. Here the best bit was definitely dressing up in Tudor clothes.

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Class 6 visited Tesco

Class 6 visited Tesco today to find out where our food all comes from as part of our topic ‘food and farming’. They looked around the fruit and vegetable aisles to look for different colours and where they were grown.

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