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Winter boys and girls. Summer boy and girls.

Winter boys and girls. Summer boy and girls.

Winter boys and girls. Summer boy and girls.

Tracksuits with winter & summer tops. Football & Hockey. Summer PE.

Winter boys and girls. Summer boy and girls.

Winter boys and girls. Summer boy and girls.


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Second Hand Uniform

Our second hand uniform service is run by the staff at Broughton Manor, for the benefit of parents of the school.

The school undertakes to run 3 or more sales throughout the school year.  Sales are held on the school premises.

Blazers and school coats will be sold at 1/2 of the current listed retail price.  All other items will be sold at 1/3 of the original cost.

Selling Uniform

Parents who submit uniform for sale must complete and enclose a copy of the designated form, which can be downloaded below.

All items submitted for sale must be in immaculate condition.  Blazers and coats must be dry-cleaned.  All other items of uniform must be freshly washed and ironed.  Any items unwashed, stained or damaged will not be entered for sale and will be disposed of.

Whilst the school will endeavour to keep the garments in the same condition they were given it does not accept liability for the security of any garments. The school cannot be held responsible for items lost, damaged or stolen.

Following a sale, any payments owing will be paid directly by bank transfer.  No money is due to any parents until a garment is sold.

Uniform not sold will remain in school and will go into the subsequent sales.  If it is deemed appropriate, any uniform that has been stored for over 1 year unsold, will be disposed of.

Due to the nature of this service, items cannot be reserved or held for parents and specific items cannot be ordered.

Purchasing Uniform

Payment must be made at the time of purchase.

Payment is by cash only.

Items are sold ‘as seen’. If an item is purchased that is the incorrect size or not appropriate, it cannot be returned and you will not be refunded.

Please note: We are no longer accepting socks or tights for sale.


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