Read more about our recent school trips, visits and special events below.

Pre-Prep Horse Riding Club


This term we have introduced Horse Riding Club as an afterschool club for children in classes 6 and 7 (Years 1 & 2). The riding lessons take place at Bryerley Springs Equestrian Centre. The Centre is affiliated with the Pony Club, which ensures the teaching is to an internationally recognized standard.

The first lesson of the term was a huge success!

Fundraising 2017/18


This year our fundraising project will be Super Shoes. On Monday 11th September, a representation of the charity, joined our Pre-Preparatory Department assembly to talk to the children.

Sarah White founded the charity Super Shoes in 2013 and her mission is to empower children fighting cancer by creating personalised Converse trainers decorated with designs chosen by the children themselves. Each pair of shoes are designed specifically for a particular child or young person and hand painted by a Super Artist to express the child and all of the things they like e.g. a favourite game, sports team, music, animals or all of the above! In fact, anything that the child holds dear.

Each day, someone, somewhere in the country is selected to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements. Super Shoes are as unique as the child or young person that wears them and act as a reminder to that child of who they are, despite their illness, challenges and treatment.

Starting School Welcome


On Friday 8th September, our PTA, the Friends of Broughton, welcomed the parents of children in class 5 (our Reception class). This event allowed the parents to meet one another, to find out about the Friends of Broughton and after collecting their child at the end of the school day, parents and children were photographed together to keep as a momento of their first day at “school”.

Sports Day – classes 3 to 5


On Wednesday 21st June, the children in classes 3, 4 and 5 took part in Sports Day on the lawn at Broughton Manor. Mr Jay organised the events superbly and all the races ran very smoothly. The children took part in running races, egg and spoon races, balancing a bean bag on the head races and sack races. On the hottest day of the year so far, every child performed very well in the heat and they all ran or hopped to the best of their ability.

Special thanks must go to the pupils in class 11 (Year 6) who helped the staff run the event by giving out award stickers at the end of each race, by moving equipment and most importantly by giving out cold water to the hot parent spectators. It was an excellent event enjoyed by many parents Grandparents and siblings. Well done to everyone! Read more »

Grandparents Day


On Wednesday 21st June 2017, the children in classes 3 – 11 invited their Grandparents to spend the morning in school with them. This is an annual event and, as always, it was a wonderful experience for both our visitors and the children. Read more »

Speech Day 2017


Our annual Speech Day was, again, a huge success this year. Mr Pye, the Chairman of Governors welcomed the children, parents and staff. Mr Canwell then addressed the children and looked back at the events and successes of 2016/17. The personal success of every child in classes 7 – 11 was celebrated and awards were presented.

Toymaker Visit to Broughton Manor


On Tuesday 13th June, we welcomed Kelly Dean, a toymaker, soft-sculpture artist and bearsmith from New York. Mr Dean is a craftsman in the old-world style – who makes one-of-kind soft-sculpture for the collectors’ market. His work has been featured in numerous magazines and trade journals and can be found in museums throughout the world. Completely hand made from original patterns, the pieces are complicated and poseable.

Mr Dean brought with him Woburn and Brianna and talked to the children about how his bears are constructed and the materials and techniques used. The children loved the teddy bears because they look like real bears! Read more »

Class 4 talk about Dinosaurs


The children in class 4 welcomed Dr Janet Sumner during the morning of Tuesday 23rd May. This half term, the children have been looking at the topic, Dinosaurs, and Dr Sumner talked to them about dinosaurs; they looked at carnivores and herbivores and she even had real Velociraptor claw to show them! Read more »

Class 11 – Local History


On Tuesday 23rd May, two members from the Two Villages Archive Trust, visited the children in Class 11 (Year 6) to take about how Broughton and Milton Keynes Village have changed since Medieval times. As part of their local history topic, the children gained an insight into how the land, roads and buildings have developed through the ages. Through paintings, photos, maps and artefacts, the children accessed a wealth of information to build a chronology of significant developments in the local area. The session culminated in a guided walk and a visit to the church of St Lawrence in Broughton.

Outdoor Classroom Day at Broughton Manor


On Thursday 18th May, the children at Broughton Manor took part in ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’, a GLOBAL campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor play and learning at schools!

Anyone who has seen the impact that learning and playing outdoors has on children knows how powerful such experiences can be. Learning outdoors creates lasting memories, helps build a greater awareness of the environment, provides more opportunities to think independently, and gets children feeling challenged and excited by learning.

The aim of the day was to get children around the world learning and playing outside. For Broughton Manor, the day was a celebration of what we are already doing.