Read the latest reports and view photos from the children’s school trips below.

Town Planner Visit to Class 6

presenting our ideas

On Wednesday 31st January 2018, Mrs Phillips (a parent at the school) visited class 6 to talk about town planning as part of our ‘Buildings’ topic. We started by discussing all the different people who help to design a new
town and what we need to use from the land around it. We thought about the different types of buildings that are needed and where they need to be placed within the town.

The children were then divided into groups and they planned their own towns. We had some great ideas, such as making sure that there were enough houses, how many football stadiums to have and where would the roundabouts should go! Mrs
Phillips helped the children with their decisions.

Finally, we presented the towns we had designed to the other groups.

We would like to thank Mrs Phillips for giving up her time to visit class 6.

Pantomime 2018


On Wednesday 10th January, the children in class 8 enjoyed the Pantomime ‘Cinderella’ at Milton Keynes Theatre. One of the children was even invited onto the stage! A good time was had by all!

Class 11 visited Cadbury’s World


On Thursday 23rd November, Class 11 visited Cadbury’s World. The trip was in support of their study of the Victorian period. At the factory, the children learned about the Cadbury brothers and the early history of the Company. They learned about the working conditions at the time and the way children lived in the Victorian era. There were opportunities to grind up some roasted cocoa beans and try chimney sweeping as a profession. The day was extremely enjoyable, full of hands on learning and chocolate treats! Read more »

Class 5 Walk Around Broughton Village


On Wednesday 22nd November, in support of their current topic, Homes, the children in class 5 took a walk around Broughton Village to look at the different houses. The children were able to differentiate between the various buildings they saw and were able to describe the different houses using numbers and features.

Class 10 trip to Hampton Court


On Thursday 2nd November, the pupils in class 10 (Year 5) visited Hampton Court, as part of the History curriculum.

In support of their study of the Tudors, the visit included a workshop entitled, ‘Playing the King,’ designed to enrich the children’s understanding of Henry VIII’s reign.

PGL Trip 2017


Our PGL trip this year took us to Winmarleigh Hall near Preston for a week of outward bound activities. We had an exciting week, during which the pupils developed their climbing skills, learnt to ride a quad bike, launched
themselves down a zip wire, screamed on the giant swing, built and launched rafts made from barrels and logs, developed their aim in archery, learnt to read a map when orienteering, faced their fears to climb up a telegraph pole to stand on a small platform at the top and
then jump off the platform to touch a ball before being lowered down!

Our evenings were occupied with a campfire, robot wars and our annual favourite, the ambush evening (hide and seek in teams of 20+!); along with table tennis and table football contests.

Throughout the week, the children impressed us with their positivity, resilience, willingness to give all the activities a try, and good humour.

We are already planning our2018 trip, this time to the PGL centre at Caythorpe Court.

PGL Trip 2017 – Day 4


After an evening of team building activities, one of which was entltled Ambush, and a good night’s sleep, the children are spending the morning on the high ropes and fencing.

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PGL Trip 2017 – Day 3


At the end of a busy day 2, the children enjoyed their evening meal before embarking on an evening of fun games and activities. On day 3 of the PGL trip, the children have enjoyed high ropes, problem solving and a giant swing! Read more »

PGL Trip Day 2


The children have enjoyed a morning of team building activities, including raft building, quad biking and fencing!

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