Read the latest reports and view photos from the children’s school trips below.

Class 5 trip to Howe Park Woods


On Wednesday 21st March 2018, the children in class 5 spent the day at Howe Park Woods, in support of their current topic, Seasons. They looked for signs of spring; they saw flower buds coming through and leaves starting to grow. They also came across very sticky mud and the children pretended they were going on a bear hunt and found ‘thick oozy mud’. Read more »

Theatre Visit


On Saturday 24th March 2018, children from Broughton Manor and their parents attended the matinee performance of ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ at the Royal Theatre in Northampton, starring our Deputy Head, Mrs Rachel Smith. It was a great afternoon, and everyone enjoyed themselves enormously. For some of our younger children, it was their first taste of a classical musical production which was set in a nursery playroom; it was fun, modern and highly entertaining. Many thanks to all
the parents for bringing their children along for this memorable experience! Read more »

Class 6 Trip to Milton Keynes Museum

Victorian Musical Instruments

On Thursday 15th March, the children in class 6 (Year 1) visited Milton Keynes Museum yesterday, in support of their current class topic, Sound and Communication..

The children spent the morning calling each other on old fashioned telephones, pretending to be Victorian school children, listening to old fashioned musical instruments and learning

about the history of communication.

They had many interesting questions to ask the volunteer staff at the museum and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the hands on activities.

After a picnic lunch, the children looked around the old shops and discovered how people got around before the car was invented.

Ski Trip – Day 2


It’s been another snowy day, but again a good one! The weather forecast suggests we will have a sunnier day tomorrow!

After a day on the slopes, they children explored the resort and did some shopping (they even bought souvenirs for their parents!).

They enjoyed their evening meal, before the sledging began! All the children are having a marvellous time. Read more »

Ski Trip – Day 1


The children have had a really good day on the mountain today.

It snowed heavily overnight and again at times throughout the day. They have, however, managed to ski in the clear periods and have even seen blue sky!

It’s movie night later on after their evening meal and the weather is getting brighter throughout the week. Read more »

Town Planner Visit to Class 6

presenting our ideas

On Wednesday 31st January 2018, Mrs Phillips (a parent at the school) visited class 6 to talk about town planning as part of our ‘Buildings’ topic. We started by discussing all the different people who help to design a new
town and what we need to use from the land around it. We thought about the different types of buildings that are needed and where they need to be placed within the town.

The children were then divided into groups and they planned their own towns. We had some great ideas, such as making sure that there were enough houses, how many football stadiums to have and where would the roundabouts should go! Mrs
Phillips helped the children with their decisions.

Finally, we presented the towns we had designed to the other groups.

We would like to thank Mrs Phillips for giving up her time to visit class 6.

Pantomime 2018


On Wednesday 10th January, the children in class 8 enjoyed the Pantomime ‘Cinderella’ at Milton Keynes Theatre. One of the children was even invited onto the stage! A good time was had by all!

Class 11 visited Cadbury’s World


On Thursday 23rd November, Class 11 visited Cadbury’s World. The trip was in support of their study of the Victorian period. At the factory, the children learned about the Cadbury brothers and the early history of the Company. They learned about the working conditions at the time and the way children lived in the Victorian era. There were opportunities to grind up some roasted cocoa beans and try chimney sweeping as a profession. The day was extremely enjoyable, full of hands on learning and chocolate treats! Read more »