Read the latest reports and view photos from the children’s school trips below.

Class 4 trip to Howe Park Woods


On Thursday 17th November the children in class 4 went to Howe Park Woods. The children were thrilled to go on the minibuses again, the second time in a week!
On arrival at the woods we went to the cafe where the children had cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit. Afterwards we walked around the woods, looking at the different colours and trying to spot birds and animals.
We were lucky with the weather as the rain mangled to hold off until we got back to school.
Everyone had a lovely time and were ready for lunch when they arrived back at school.

Class 10 visited Hampton Court Palace


On Friday 18th November, the pupils in class 10 spent the day at Hampton Court Palace. They were transported back to a time when Henry VIII ruled the land and through an interactive workshop, were given the opportunity to assess whether he was as terrible as the history books say. Through drama and storytelling, the children immersed themselves in Tudor life and explored what it was like to have been alive during the reign of arguably the most fascinating monarch of the Tudor age. The children rounded off the day with a tour of the kitchens, apartments, chapel and gardens to ensure an unforgettable learning experience.

Class 8 visited the safety centre in Milton Keynes


Class 8 went to the safety centre in Milton Keynes. The purpose of this trip was to teach them about safety outside of school. They explored how to be safe in different environments including a river, train tracks, crossings, building sites and internet safety. They were taught the basic recovery position and how to make 999 calls! All children can now identify dangers and are very good at responding in the correct way!

Class 5 trip to Woodside Farm


The children in class 5 had a fun filled day Woodside Farm on Tuesday 27th September, in support of their current topic, Food.
On arrival, the children headed straight for the hen house to collect freshly laid eggs from the coup. They collected 27 eggs … and not one breakage!

They then moved onto the petting shed where every child had the opportunity to hold or stroke a dragon lizard, a rat or a chinchilla. They learnt a lot of new facts.

The children went to see all the other animals and birds on the farm and had a ride on the tractor trailer.

We had the farm to ourselves so we took time to enjoy the other activities on offer including crazy golf, trampoline park and the indoor play area.

Class 4 trip to Woburn Safari Park


On Friday 30th September, the children in class 4 spent the day at Woburn Safari Park in support of their current topic, the Jungle.

After our coach ride around the safari park, the children had lots of fun feeding the birds, laughing at the monkeys and trying to find the tigers. They treat of the day was stroking the elephants. Read more »

Year 3 Overnight Residential Trip


The pupils in class 8 (Year 3) are invited to visit an Outdoor Learning Centre for an overnight residential trip at the end of the spring term. The two days they are away are packed full of exciting activities including team building, archery, zip wire and the evening entertainment includes an orienteering style clue hunt. This trip encourages self–reliance and helps the children to form lasting bonds of friendship which will stay with them throughout their time at Broughton Manor.

PGL Residential Trip


In October, the pupils in classes 9 – 11 (Years 4 – 6) have the opportunity to join us for our PGL residential trip.  In previous years, we have visited historic Boreatton Park in Shropshire, however in 2017 we are heading to Winmarleigh Hall, near Preston.  The children take part in activities ranging from zipwire to horse riding. Providing first time experiences for many of the children, this trip allows them to develop self–confidence and independence in a safe, yet challenging environment.


Class 11 visited Cadbury World


On Thursday 29th September, Class 11 travelled to Cadbury World in Birmingham to learn about how the company was founded in the Victorian era. During the visit, the children explored nineteenth century England, including what life was like for the Victorians who lived against the backdrop of the great Industrial Revolution. We concluded that the founder, John Cadbury, was a revolutionary as he championed the rights of the poor and took great strides to ensure adequate working conditions for his employees. Of course, no trip to a chocolate factory would be complete without enjoying a few chocolate delights, which Class 11 sampled with relish!

Class 7 trip to The Cecil Higgins Museum


On Wednesday 28th September, the children in class 7 had a wonderful time at the Cecil Higgins Museum in Bedford learning about toys from the past.

They had a workshop in which they played with lots of old fashioned toys (the pop guns were very popular!). They then went on a toy trail around the museum, looking for toys from around the world, as well as enjoying the fantastic exhibits.

Class 10 Boys Activity Morning at Bedford School


During our trip to the Bedford School on Wednesday 21st September, the boys had an opportunity to sample a French style breakfast. They conversed in French with the staff serving them and developed their French vocabulary. Following this welcome, the boys took on the challenge of designing colourful Carnival masks inspired by the summer Olympic Games in Rio and they took part in a Rugby lesson, looking at passing the ball and supporting the ball carrier.

The boys had a wonderful morning and their behaviour and engagement were a credit to Broughton Manor.