Read the latest reports and view photos from the children’s school trips below.

Class 4 trip to Woburn Safari Park


On Friday 30th September, the children in class 4 spent the day at Woburn Safari Park in support of their current topic, the Jungle.

After our coach ride around the safari park, the children had lots of fun feeding the birds, laughing at the monkeys and trying to find the tigers. They treat of the day was stroking the elephants. Read more »

Year 3 Overnight Residential Trip


The pupils in class 8 (Year 3) are invited to visit an Outdoor Learning Centre for an overnight residential trip at the end of the spring term. The two days they are away are packed full of exciting activities including team building, archery, zip wire and the evening entertainment includes an orienteering style clue hunt. This trip encourages self–reliance and helps the children to form lasting bonds of friendship which will stay with them throughout their time at Broughton Manor.

PGL Residential Trip


In October, the pupils in classes 9 – 11 (Years 4 – 6) have the opportunity to join us for our PGL residential trip.  In previous years, we have visited historic Boreatton Park in Shropshire, however in 2017 we are heading to Winmarleigh Hall, near Preston.  The children take part in activities ranging from zipwire to horse riding. Providing first time experiences for many of the children, this trip allows them to develop self–confidence and independence in a safe, yet challenging environment.


Class 11 visited Cadbury World


On Thursday 29th September, Class 11 travelled to Cadbury World in Birmingham to learn about how the company was founded in the Victorian era. During the visit, the children explored nineteenth century England, including what life was like for the Victorians who lived against the backdrop of the great Industrial Revolution. We concluded that the founder, John Cadbury, was a revolutionary as he championed the rights of the poor and took great strides to ensure adequate working conditions for his employees. Of course, no trip to a chocolate factory would be complete without enjoying a few chocolate delights, which Class 11 sampled with relish!

Class 7 trip to The Cecil Higgins Museum


On Wednesday 28th September, the children in class 7 had a wonderful time at the Cecil Higgins Museum in Bedford learning about toys from the past.

They had a workshop in which they played with lots of old fashioned toys (the pop guns were very popular!). They then went on a toy trail around the museum, looking for toys from around the world, as well as enjoying the fantastic exhibits.

Class 10 Boys Activity Morning at Bedford School


During our trip to the Bedford School on Wednesday 21st September, the boys had an opportunity to sample a French style breakfast. They conversed in French with the staff serving them and developed their French vocabulary. Following this welcome, the boys took on the challenge of designing colourful Carnival masks inspired by the summer Olympic Games in Rio and they took part in a Rugby lesson, looking at passing the ball and supporting the ball carrier.

The boys had a wonderful morning and their behaviour and engagement were a credit to Broughton Manor.

Feedback following Year 5 boys’ visit to Bedford School


Just a brief email to say it was a pleasure having your boys visit yesterday and I hope they all had a fun morning.

As always, they were all extremely polite and well behaved and I think they all left at the end of the day with a smile on their faces.

I hope they had a successful tournament during the afternoon; they were all very much looking forward to it when they left us.

Mrs Terri Heeley
Admissions Secretary
Bedford School

Class 10 girls visited Bedford Girls School


On Wednesday 21st September our Class 10 girls visited Bedford Girls School for the morning. We were hosted by their teaching staff and shared break time cakes with their Year 5 pupils. The girls were treated to a Chemistry workshop where they made scented bath bombs, and created PH paintings. They then went out onto the sports field and learnt how to play lacrosse and finally went on the trampoline, learning how to bounce and stop, and how to do various jumps. We had a very enjoyable morning.
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Class 10 trip to Sky TV Studios


Trip Report by Emily Martin-Redding and Seren Smith

On Thursday the 26th of May we went to Sky TV studios. It took an hour and 30 minutes to get there, but was definitely worth it.

When we arrived we had lunch and watched Sky T.V. Then we had a tour around the studio, where they control the adverts, the pitch and the scheduling of shows.

We then went to a room with four different filming studios leading off it, where there was one discussing the subject, one with an eyewitness report and another questioning the subject. We sorted out the different jobs and groups, then went off to rehearse. We also sorted out costumes for the reporters and interviewee.

Lastly we had a final tour of the Sky Sports Studio and its gallery (where they do all the editing) then we watched the news report we made.

Overall, this trip was amazing and our favourite one so far.

Class 7 Trip to The National Space Centre in Leicester

BMPS Class 7 Space Centre

On Monday 16th May, the pupils in class 7 visited The National Space Centre in support of their current topic, Journeys.

When we arrived, we followed the astronaut footprints. We went inside to explore the Universe and played games about how to be an astronaut.
Then we went to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium where we learnt about astronauts going into space an at the end of it the astronaut was dancing!
We went to the Rocket Tower and saw a button on a table marked do not touch. Mrs Norman pressed the button and then we were standing under the rocket smoke and we thought it was going to take off but it didn’t. Then we went in a lift to see the rocket launch and there was a little cinema. We went even higher, and we drew rockets and then we went down to the Tranquility Base and we went on a machine where we needed to put the laser in the target.

Trip Report by Hirah Umar Khalil