Diwali Day at Broughton Manor


On Thursday 8th November, the children in the EYFS department took part in many different activities to learn about Diwali.

Class 3 made Rangoli patterns using coloured rice and they tasted some traditional Indian snacks.

Mr and Mrs Shah, grandparents in class 4K, spoke to all of the children in class 4 about the story of Diwali and showed them diva lights, statues of Gods and brought in different foods for the children to taste.

Class 5 had a fun filled morning of activities; thank you to Mrs Chotai, who kindly brought in clothes for the children to wear and made chapatis with each class. The children also made colourful Rangoli patterns, clay diva lights and took part in traditional Indian dancing.

Thank you to our visitors and the staff for making the day such a success.