Class 6 Plant Sale


On Thursday 27th May Class 6 ran their own plant sale. They were all very good business people and handled the money perfectly. Thank you to all of the parents for their support. We raised around £80 for our school charity NSPCC.

U9 Boys’ Cricket Fixture v The Webber at Home


Match Report by Tom Pendle

On Friday 20th May the U9 boys played their 3rd cricket fixture of the season against The Webber at home.

BMPS opened the batting with Charley and Oliver, scoring 27 including
Oliver hitting a 6 again! Also three 4s! Read more »

Class 7 Trip to The National Space Centre in Leicester

BMPS Class 7 Space Centre

On Monday 16th May, the pupils in class 7 visited The National Space Centre in support of their current topic, Journeys.

When we arrived, we followed the astronaut footprints. We went inside to explore the Universe and played games about how to be an astronaut.
Then we went to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium where we learnt about astronauts going into space an at the end of it the astronaut was dancing!
We went to the Rocket Tower and saw a button on a table marked do not touch. Mrs Norman pressed the button and then we were standing under the rocket smoke and we thought it was going to take off but it didn’t. Then we went in a lift to see the rocket launch and there was a little cinema. We went even higher, and we drew rockets and then we went down to the Tranquility Base and we went on a machine where we needed to put the laser in the target.

Trip Report by Hirah Umar Khalil

Class 5 visited Waddeson Manor

Class 5 Waddeson Manor

In support of class 5’s current topic, Homes, we visited Waddeson Manor on Wednesday 18th May 2016.

The children and staff were determined to make the most of our visit, despite the fact that it rained for most of the day.

In true British style, we embraced the weather and had a wonderful day.

The children enjoyed exploring the grounds of Waddesdon Manor; we even managed to introduced maths into our day by jumping over the narrowest part of a puddle. Read more »

Class 3 car wash


In support of their topic, transport, this morning the children in class 3 took part in a Car Wash in the playground.
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U11 Boys’ Cricket Fixture v MKPS

On 27th April we played cricket against MKPS at home (Broughton Pavilion) in a 16 over match.

We won the toss and chose to bat first; Aaron and Kayne opened the batting. Kayne unfortunately wast bowled out by a spin bowler. Next in was George, who again was unfortunately dispatched to the pavilion pretty quickly with no runs to his name. Cole then followed in the batting order and he struggled with MKPS’s excellent bowling however throughout this time Aaron managed to keep the runs ticking along.
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Class 3 Coach Visit


On Tuesday 17th May, the children in class 3 received a visit from a coach. The children’s topic this half term is transport. They had a look around the outside of the coach and then climbed on-board and took their seats. A big thank you to Mr Marshall. Read more »

U9B Girls’ Rounders Fixture v Northampton High School (Away)

Friday 13th May 2016

Captain: Nimi Kolawole
Player of the Match: Nimi Kolawole

Nimi was the first to catch someone out.
Bethany passed well.
Nimmee scored a rounder.
Tara got someone out by stumping them at 4th post.

Final Score: NHS 14 BMPS 81/2

Match Report by Nimi Kolawole

U9A Girls’ Rounders Fixture v Northampton High School (Away)

Friday 13th May 2016

Captain: Funmi Fadayini
Player of the Match: Funmi Fadayini

Jess made a save with her arm and bowled well.
Funmi and Jess both scored four rounders each.
Aneesa was very good and got two people out by stumping them.
Phoebe threw very well, while Lucy was keeping her eye on the ball.

Final Score: NHS 9 BMPS 161/2

Match Report by Funmi Fadayini

U11 girls rounders v Thornton College (11th May)

Wednesday 11th May 2016

Team: BMPS U11 girls
Opposition: Thornton College
Weather: Rainy and Cold
Player of the match: Maja Chin
Captain: Daisy Horridge
Home or Away: Away at Thornton College
Toss won by: BMPS
Final score: Thornton College 7 BMPS 5

Match Highlights:

Maja and Emily made some very good catches.Maja scored 2 rounders and caught someone out. Jasmine got 1 rounder and nearly caught someone out but it hit her nose. The Highlight of the match was the rain.