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The Art Department is a hive of creative activity where every child has the opportunity to find their own individual strength. The children make independent creative decisions and gain confidence through learning and stretching the imagination through self-expression.

We believe in laying the foundations in art so that each child has a good grasp of the fundamental principles behind the production of art. Every child is an artist; we build confidence and inspire each and every pupil to create and express themselves using their own unique and special talents. They have the opportunity to exhibit their work throughout the school.

The children in Years 2 to 6 have weekly Art lessons with a specialist teacher. They are given opportunities to discover their strengths through the rich and varied creative experiences at Broughton Manor. Pupils discover artists and experiment with their style. 

We organise cross-curriculum focus days, where the children come off timetable for the day and are treated to a range of workshops. Pupils get a great sense and deeper understanding of a theme or culture.

Year 6 pupils are encouraged to research artists and develop personal projects. These self-led projects enable children to make their own discoveries and teach them independent creative thinking skills.

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