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Preparatory Department

In our Prep department our aim is to enable our pupils to feel successful and to achieve their best in all aspects of their school life and outside of school. We regularly share success in assemblies and children are publicly praised for excellent behaviour, manners and achievements. Success and effort in lessons and homework is celebrated daily with positive verbal feedback and rewards. Pupils who achieve extra-curricular success, such as music exams, sporting accolades or audition success are also highlighted in assemblies and their achievements are shared on our school Achievement Board.

Each week, class teachers nominate a BMPS STAR in line with our school wide expectations to be:

Be our Best


Some or all of these qualities are recognised in individual pupils every week. We share their success in assembly, and those pupils’ photographs are displayed on our Achievement Board in the entrance to our school. We also reward Class of the Week for outstanding manners.

House points are rewarded and collected regularly through everyday effort and achievement, and through wider House competitions running throughout the school year. Children are encouraged to collect large numbers of house points for their houses. A trophy is awarded for the overall winning house at the end of the year, and other prizes and rewards are celebrated throughout the year.

At the end of each term, pupils in each year group receive music and sports accolades at our End of Term Assemblies.

Pre-Preparatory Department

We celebrate the achievements of children in classes 3 to 7 at our weekly Pre-Preparatory Department Achievement Assembly.

Achievements range from settling into a new class, being a kind friend, to excellent homework.
The children thoroughly enjoy collecting their certificates and helping themselves to a a prize from ‘the lovely bag.’


In all departments we celebrate the achievements and successes pupils have outside school.

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