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In Design and Technology lessons, our curriculum inspires and nurtures children’s creativity and imagination. Pupils combine practical skills with creative thinking in order to solve problems.

Design and Technology appeals to children’s natural curiosity and inventiveness and enables them to start to understand the important link between design and functions. They are encouraged to think imaginatively in terms of solutions that work.

Pupils have timetabled Design and Technology lessons from Year 3. The curriculum they follow is both in line with current National Curriculum requirements, in terms of knowledge, skills and understanding, while maximising continuity and progression so that the pupils can develop the confidence to become independent problem solvers. The children learn to analyse and evaluate existing products, develop their technical knowledge and understanding of materials and mechanisms, and explore, describe, and refine their own design ideas. They work as individuals and with a partner or team which enables them to use their ability to communicate ideas clearly, work cooperatively and compromise where necessary. 

We introduce the children to product development. They analyse, research and create design ideas. Our range of equipment allows the children to achieve a high-quality finish.

The children learn to use different materials to enhance products. They learn how to create 2 and 3-dimensional shapes and sewing techniques.

Above all, the pupils experience the satisfaction and enjoyment of seeing their own ideas become a reality.

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