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The Spinney is a unique learning space set in beautiful gardens for children from our Baby Room to Class 11 (Year 6).


Children in the Nursery, from the babies to Class 2, visit the Spinney throughout the summer months. The children play ball games, look for mini-beasts amongst the log piles and have music time on rugs on the lawn. Last summer, the children particularly enjoyed picking the strawberries in the vegetable garden. Once picked, the strawberries were enjoyed by the children for tea.

Pre-Preparatory Department

The Spinney is used throughout the year to enhance the children’s learning.  It provides a shady place to share a story, log piles for minibeast hunts and a fantastic outdoor space for investigating plants and trees in Environmental Studies lessons.  In addition, the Spinney provides an alternative, quiet and calm environment, for Maths and English lessons.

Preparatory Department

The Spinney is a great opportunity for children to explore science phenomenon in an outdoor environment. They use their observational skills to investigate different ideas, such as how plants change during different seasons and how weather affects plants and the soil around them. The children have an opportunity to select and create appropriate apparatus to record accurate measurements, such as the amount of rainfall using a rain gauge. It provides a stimulating environment where children can discuss factors that may affect their results such as what affects the growth of different plants.

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