Class 4 visit from Animal Edutainment

This half term, the children in class 4 (Pre-Reception) have been learning about different minibeasts, winged and non-winged, their habitats and home and lifecycles.

Today they had a hands-on visit from Animal Edutainment!

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Class 5 trip to Milton Keynes Museum

On Tuesday 21st May 2019, the children in class 5 (Reception) visited Milton Keynes Museum in support of their topic, Homes.

They looked around the Victorian farmhouse; found out what school would have been like at that time and looked at all the artefacts in the drawing room, washroom and kitchen. The children also walked down the shop lined Victorian street and visited the Blacksmiths.

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Classes 10 and 11 Trip to Wimbledon

On Wednesday 15th May 2019, the pupils in classes 10 and 11 spent the day at The All England Lawn Tennis Club at Wimbledon.

During the visit they learnt about the history of the Championships, visited the iconic Centre Court, Henman Hill, the Championship Museum and the Millennium Building including the press areas.

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On Wednesday 15th May, the children in our Nursery took part in a Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Walk to raise money for Save the Children.  There was a lot of jumping in the muddy puddles and staff and children alike had a wonderful time.


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Class 5 trip To Buckingham Gaol

On Wednesday 1st May, the children in class 5 (Reception) went on a trip to Buckingham Old Gaol, in support of their topic, Buildings.

.On arrival the children were met by their guide, who was dressed in character as the old jailer. He talked to the children about the building and what it was like to be a prisoner in the jail.

The children looked around the museum, including the jail cells and looked at artefacts from Medieval and Victorian times.

The children (and the staff) had great fun dressing up as prisoners and sitting in the stocks.

They enjoyed a picnic lunch, before taking a short walk around Buckingham to look at the different buildings in the town, including Tudor.

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Class 7 trip to Veriulamium

The children in class 7 recently visited Verulamium.  They went to the Roman Hypocaust, where they looked at the floor mosaic from a Roman Villa and learnt how the Romans used underfloor heating.  The children spent time in the museum, learning about the Roman artefacts and how life would have been during Roman times. The children had fun dressing up in Romans costume and they visited Roman Market stalls, where they were tasked with finding the items on their shopping list.


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Fun in the Nursery

The children in the Manor House have had a lovely morning digging up weeds, planting, playing in the sandpit and messy play with shaving foam.  A good time was had by all!

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Class 9 trip to Woburn Safari Park

On Wednesday 13th February, the pupils in class 9 (Year 4) visited Woburn Safari Park.

The children were a credit to the school; they asked thoughtful questions, listened carefully and thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to learn more about the animals at Woburn.

As we journeyed through the safari park, we were very lucky to have a tour guide, on the coach, who shared with us his valuable knowledge about the animals. The animals were enjoying the sunshine and treated the children to amazing close up views.

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Class 6 Walk Around the Local Area

This half term, the children in class 6 have been looking at Buildings as their theme.  They have learnt about the history of buildings; how they have changed through time, in Geography they have maps and famous landmark buildings around the world and address and postcodes, and in Science, they explored materials; properties, strength and flexibility and learnt about the uses and dangers of electricity.

Yesterday, the children put their hats, scarves and gloves on and went on a lovely walk to Broughton village to look at different types of buildings in the local area. They spent time watching the builders on the nearby new builds, saw detached and semi-detached houses, flats, a church and the old school room! The children thoroughly enjoyed their walk; particularly trying to spot the age of different houses, by looking at their plaques, and the names of them

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Class 7N trip to Dunstable Downs

This morning, the children in 7N (Year 2) visited Dunstable Downs where they had great fun carrying out a weather investigation and flying the kites they had made in school. This trip was in support of their current class topic.

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