Read more about our recent school trips, visits and special events below.

PGL Trip 2017 – Day 4

After an evening of team building activities, one of which was entltled Ambush, and a good night’s sleep, the children are spending the morning on the high ropes and fencing.

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PGL Trip 2017 – Day 3

At the end of a busy day 2, the children enjoyed their evening meal before embarking on an evening of fun games and activities. On day 3 of the PGL trip, the children have enjoyed high ropes, problem solving and a giant swing! Read more »

PGL Trip Day 2

The children have enjoyed a morning of team building activities, including raft building, quad biking and fencing!

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Our Annual PGL Trip

The children in the Preparatory Department are spending the week at the PGL Centre at Winmarleigh Hall, in Preston.  They travelled by coach and arrived late afternoon.  Once they had settled in they enjoyed an evening around the ‘campfire’. Read more »

Harvest Festival 2017

On Tuesday 10th October, we welcomed Reverend Matt Trendall to join us for our annual Harvest Assembly.

Thank you to all our parents for donations of food, which our class 11 children delivered to The Food Bank.

The Autumn Fayre 2017

Our thanks must go to our PTA, the Friends of Broughton, for our fantastic Autumn Fayre on Friday 6th October. The children enjoyed an array of stalls and fun activities including Cowboy Shoot Out, Coconut Shy, Hook a Boat and Jar of Sweets Tombola. The choir performed and we introduce the Great BMPS Bake Off!

Dinosaur Enrichment Day – classes 7 – 11

Our Enrichment Day this term was all about Dinosaurs!

The science group went to the farm to look for fossils and used their internet research skill to identify them. The children studied different tail prints and matched them to the evidence, different food samples extracted from the scene and used chemistry to see if they could find a match and liquid samples using chromatography.

The science and art activities included creating Dinosaur Skeleton Pasta Pictures; they discussed their features and in particular their bones, they looked at different types of dinosaur and other animals that lives alongside the dinosaurs, creating pictures from different materials.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was a visit from Tyriol the Tyrannosaurus in our assembly! Read more »

Class 4 Visit to Woburn Safari Park

On Friday 29th September, the children in class 4 visited Woburn Safari Park, in support of their current topic, The Jungle. The children travelled by coach and enjoyed their ride through the safari park, they fed the exotic birds and were entertained at the Sea Lion Show. Read more »

The Farm Comes to Broughton Manor

On Tuesday 26th September Ark Farm, a mobile farm, came to visit the children in class 6 in support of their current topic, Food and Farming.

The animals arrived early and the children were very excited to see a large pen in the middle of the playground, full of animals. Ark Farm brought with them a cow, two farm dogs, three ducks, two geese, two hens, a rooster, a piglet, two sheep and two goats.

The lady in charge, Tam, talked to the children about each animal and their different characteristics. All the children had the opportunity to pet the animals inside the pen and many children stroked and fed the animals.

Everyone really enjoyed the visit. Most of the school, including the children in the Nursery, came and had a look at our guests. We will definitely be inviting them back to school in the future.

Senior Girls day of Cirque du Soleil

On Tuesday 26th September, our Class 10 and Class 11 girls were treated to a day of Cirque du Soleil inspired creativity at Northampton High School. In the morning, the girls were invited to design a mask based upon the vibrant colours and dramatic patterns of the popular Cirque du Soleil shows. Some ordained their masks with brightly coloured feathers and some chose traditional ordainments and shapes, highlighting the eyes or mouth of their characters.

In the afternoon, the girls took part in a brief performance of the opening song from the Cirque du Soleil show entitled “La Nouba”. Some developed an interpretative dance, some performed gymnastics manoeuvres and others created the hypnotic music for the show.

It was a wonderful day of exploration and creativity which the girls enjoyed thoroughly.