Class 11 trip to the Houses of Parliament


The children in class 11 visited the Houses of Parliament on Friday 12th October as part of their PSHEE work on democracy and government in the UK.  During the trip, they took a tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, they were shown royal entrances and stood where aws are created and debated.  The magnitude of the building and the grandeur of the benches and stain glassed windows was magnificent; it filled the children with awe and inspiration.

The children also engaged in an ‘election game’ and learned about politics, policies and campaigning.  They were treated to a question and answer session with a life peer, Baroness Janet Fookes; the first member of the House of Lords to ever speak to a school group! We were very honoured to hear about her life in politics and to be able to ask questions of such a respected life peer.