Maths Olympiad 2018

On Thursday 15th November 2018, Mr Smith took a team of young mathematicians to the first annual Maths Olympiad at The Webber Independent School.  The team consisted of three Class 10 pupils; Bana Shadid, Shyam Billakota and Jacob Pugh, and three Class 11 pupils; Eisa Osman, Austin Bhadri and Kayla Wahome.

Throughout the day the pupils worked through team puzzles and challenges but also took part in individual rounds of problem solving questions.  It was very mentally taxing and required full concentration and effort.

The Broughton Manor team presented themselves well and managed to win both the Class 11 three pupil challenge and the overall team event.

It was an amazing day of success for Broughton Manor and all of the pupils involved have every right to feel very proud of their efforts.  Well done Broughton!