U11 Rounders Fixture v St Andrews – 25th May 2017

In a well-balanced match, chances were taken by both sides and only 1 rounder separated the teams after the first innings.

Both bowlers were put under pressure in the second innings but valiantly kept going. It all came down to the last ball of the game with the scores tied at 15 all but BMPS were unable to turn a backwards hit into a half rounder, so the game finished in a draw!

The highlight of our batting performance was Nimi managing to score 1.5 rounders in one turn, capitalising on a fielding error to put pressure on their fielders and gaining half a rounder for obstruction at 4th post whilst scoring a rounder. In the field, Funmi stepped into the role of bowler and worked hard to master this key position. The girls worked well in the field and we always had at least 2 players going for a ball.